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Trusted by 20,000+ pharma retailers, wholesalers and marketing companies across India

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5 Reasons why Ecogreen Express is a clear choice of ERP for your pharmacy retail store.

Today, selling is not just limited to exchanging products for money. It is about customer retention, customer service, competition, managing stores better etc.

Start billing in 20 Mins

Ecogreen Express is an easy to install ERP software for pharmacy retail. A well managed store is only 20 mins away!

Customer is King - CRM/Customer Loyalty

Customer retention is key to business growth. Set discounts, loyalty programs, medicine reminders etc. to increase your regulars and to keep them happy.

Got it Dun! Dunzo Integration

Latest addition to our ERP for pharmacy store is the Dunzo delivery. Just set Dunzo as the mode of delivery for that customer and choose Dunzo as the delivery man while billing.

LiveConnect Search - Search. Add. Done!

EcogreenExpress comes with a readily available up-to-date medicine database for you. So you don’t have to worry about adding new medicines manually. Saving those precious business minutes.

Know What you Sell

EcogreenExpress shows you the composition of medicines, and lets you offer the alternatives.

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Modern Day ERP Software for Pharmacy Management

Choosing Ecogreen Express as your pharmacy management software comes with a whole bunch of business benefits. It brings you peace of mind, revenue boost, better management of your store.


2X Revenue Generation

ERP for pharmacy manages your store in a comprehensive manner. Your complete focus can remain on increasing revenue.


Billing Time , Customer Satisfaction

Seamless billing experience can significantly reduce your billing time, and increase customer satisfaction.


Home Delivery

With Ecogreen Express, you can schedule a home delivery for your customers with Dunzo delivery partners.


Integration Friendly

With EcogreenExpress, you can integrate any payment method to make billing as smooth as possible.


Real-Time Sync

Being on the same page as your business is a blessing, Ecogreen Express helps you do that by updating inventory, stocks etc in real-time.


Drive Backup, Drive Stability

Ecogreen Express offer you a drive backup option, so your data is never lost and is readily present at your disposal.

DIY Demo - Ecogreen Express

To give you a hands-on experience of our ERP software for pharmacy, we have created these guided DIY demo videos for some of the important modules.

  • 1 Company Master Play

    Here is how you can create a company on Ecogreen Express.

  • 2 Customer Master Play

    Process to add your regular customers in Ecogreen Express.

  • 3 Employee Master Play

    Add employees in Ecogreen Express.

  • 4 Item Master Play

    Experience how to add an item master for your medical store on Ecogreen Express.

  • 1 Purchase Play

    Here is how to add purchase records on Ecogreen Express.

  • 2 Sales Invoice Play

    Here is how you can generate bills on Ecogreen Express.

  • 3 Supplier Master Play

    You can add suppliers directly from LiveConnect, or manually.

  • 4 Billing with Reminder Settings Play

    Here is how you can create Invoice and set reminders for regular customers.

  • 5 Dunzo Configuration Play

    Ecogreen Express offers delivery via Dunzo, here is how to Configure it.

  • 6 Scheduling Delivery with Dunzo Play

    Here is how you can select Dunzo for home delivery.

Ecogreen Express self installation guide.

Plan Details

Our ERP Software for pharma is now available for you to buy online from anywhere. Just Pay, Download and Install.

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Scale your pharmacy

₹ 24,999/- (+18% GST)/ONE TIME PAY

  • Ready Medicine Database - LiveConnect
  • Easy Billing
  • Migration Available
  • Scheduling Reminders for Regular Customers

ASC is 3000 +GST and Client Pack is 1000+GSt


Leading ERP Software for Pharmacies in India

A well-managed pharma business can drastically bring down confusion, duplication, and calculation errors. Don’t worry, we have you covered!

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    Robust Features

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Ready for Growth?

Generate higher revenues, offer better customer service, improve your store operations with our ERP for pharmacy software Ecogreen Express.


Ecogreen Express is an ERP for pharmacy that offers you the best available solution i n the market. Hear it from our satisfied customers.

/ 4.0

“Ramdev Medicals”

Maintaining customer records, stock details and item details has become very simple with Ecogreen Express.

/ 4.0

“CurePlus Pharma”

It is a very well-organized and streamlined software for the pharmacy business.


FAQs image

We understand the importance of ERP for your pharmacy. But at the same time, we understand you probably have some questions. Here is an ensemble of a few questions users ask while buying EcoGreen Express.

For migration, you can directly call on 08067657000 and schedule a migration.

You can reach out to our support team on 08067657002 for any support related query.

Ofcourse. You can reach out to us with the contact form below this section, or call us on 08067657007

Demo of this application is available on the 'DIY Demo' section of this page.

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